A Tattooed Heart

A Tattooed Heart
HarperCollins Australia, 2015


     1832: Convict girls Friday Woolfe, Sarah Morgan and Harriet Clarke have been serving their sentences in Sydney Town for three years. For much of that time they have lived in fear of sinister and formidable Bella Jackson, who continues to blackmail them for a terrible crime.
   Each of them has begun to make a life for herself, but when Harrie’s adopted child, Charlotte, is abducted and taken to Newcastle, the girls must risk their very freedom to save her.
   But is Friday up to the task? Will her desperate battle with her own vices drive her to fail not only herself, but those she loves and all who love her?
   In this final volume of a saga about four convict girls transported halfway around the world, friends and family reunite but cherished loved ones are lost, and an utterly shocking secret is revealed.


Behind this book...
Obviously, behind this book is the secret that has held the whole story together. It’s taken me over half a million words to tell it, and I’ve enjoyed every one of them.